Mathieu Lodin of Finistere, Brittany

We have long been a fan of Mathieu Lodin from Finistere, France. He captures moments from a lifetime around the ocean.


I’m a french art director, graphic designer & photographer based in France.
I live in Brittany, in Finistère to be exact, along the north west coast.
I’m 35 and two years ago, I created with my wife, Nomades, a journal & a creative studio. We are working on brand identities, photography, storytelling and more.
I take also surf photography just for pleasure.
I was born in Tours (middle of France) but I lived in Nantes until 22.
I have studied composite material and naval architecture but I was more interested by design than scientific calculations. Then I studied myself graphic design and photography.

I’m inspired by everything around me : photography, architecture, design, food, painting, old papers, boats… I’m curious and I like to discover new universes.
When I’m on/in the sea, time stops. No watches, no telephone, just you, the ocean and your friends. It’s wild, uncontrollable, you only have to adapt.  Each day, the ocean is different : swell, wind, color… everything is ephemeral like a photograph. A photograph is an instant, a fraction of a second, like a wave. 

I started to take photos for documenting a sailing boat construction during my studies. After, I used my photographs with my graphics design. I learned to surf late (25), and I started to take surf photography with a water housing.

The ocean?
I have always been passionate about sailing boats, well before surfing. I particularly like wooden sailing boats. 
I surf and take surfing photographs with friends.

With my creative studio, we have good projects in progress : an identity and packaging for a French Whisky, interior design for a B&B in a old lighthouse… Différents projects !

Most memorable oceanic moments ? 
I remember last autumn, I sailed and took photographs with Loick Peyron, a sailing legend in France. The sunrise was orange, the ocean was quiet and the wind was perfect. We sailed few years with his little yellow trimaran. A moment out of time with a generous master. 

M A T H I E U   L O D I N

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