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Matt Pearce of Sydney Australia

We always relish the pics that Matt posts .. its good to catch up with an old friend. Matt moved to Australia from Dorset and finds him self capturing some epic moments.Where? I grew up in Poole, Dorset. An awesome place to be a kid, with beaches, islands, forests, heathland and craggy coves all within easy reach. After uni in Plymouth I spent a few years in Bristol and then London but the last 4 years I’ve been living and working in Australia. I was in Bondi for a while but now live further south in Cronulla. There are loads of waves to choose from south of Sydney, less crowds in and out the water and a real community vibe...

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Mathieu Lodin of Finistere, Brittany

When I’m on/in the sea, time stops. No watches, no telephone, just you, the ocean and your friends. It’s wild, uncontrollable, you only have to adapt.  Each day, the ocean is different : swell, wind, color… everything is ephemeral like a photograph. A photograph is an instant, a fraction of a second, like a wave .... 

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A day in St. Agnes with Beau Young

A photo journal of one day with 2x World Champ, surfing legend & shaper, Australian Beau Young in St. Agnes, Cornwall .. there is nothing like working with a shaper to bring to life your own desires for a board whilst relying on the skill, experience and soul of the shaper to bring things together.. a  unique board just for you.

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